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Board Game Helper

0.99 usd

This app is for users who also play Board and Card Games. There are 3 main components of the program - -Token Tracker - easily keep track of the number of tokens you hold, you can customize the image to match the game you are playing. Keep track of 1 to 4 token types.-Dice Roller - built in dice roller, roll from 1 to 7 dice with results automatically totalled. Easy to use, intuitive graphical display.-Score Keeping - keep track of Victory Points, Life Points or whatever your game requires, quickly and easily. Suitable for 1 to 6 players.* Re-nameable tokens (up to 4 different tokens) with custom images.* Up to 6 D6 and one other die from D4 up to D100. Nice graphical interface, easy to read results.* Victory Points for up to 6 players. Assign custom colours. Use to easily add up points at the end of a game.* Now includes a Starting Player screen - input how many players there are and choose who starts!* Now includes 2 player scoring screen with large easy to read numbers! Ideal for Star Realms, Magic:the Gathering etc.